Zen Squire

Zen Squire is a 2-4 player card game inspired by medieval marginalia, that pits players against each other in a bizarre battle to gain 1,000 points. I began this project in August 2015, developing the game mechanics, brand, design, and illustrations of Zen Squire. The first edition, released on Kickstarter in September 2016, includes a 54-card main game and 18 expansion cards, a custom tuck-box, and rule booklet. I partnered with Enfabled, a New York based tabletop game company, for the final production and distribution of the funded project.

Zen Squire is a quirky and unpredictable card game that embodies the absurdity of illustrations found in the margins of medieval illuminated manuscripts. All illustrations and design elements were produced in pen and ink and watercolor paint and the project was digitally printed.

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Project Image.png

Zen Squire: 54-card main deck.


Zen Squire: Expansion Pack


Final product and packaging